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About Us

Oil Magic is the most in-demand source of simple, usable essential oil education. We draw our published wealth of knowledge from specialists like holistic health coaches, naturopaths, holistic doctors, herbalists, hormone specialists, birthing coaches, researchers, pet specialists, and more. 

How do I get technical support with my online course?
Please shoot an email to [email protected]

How long do book orders take to arrive? We offer 2-3 business days speedy shipping in the United States. International shipping varies. Orders are usually shipped the first business day after an order is received.

What's the difference between ADVANCED Oil Magic and Essential Oil Magic? The difference is the amount of content. Both books boast beautiful layouts, ease-of-use, and clear directions that include how many drops of oil to use, where to use it, and even how often. The ADVANCED book includes hundreds more ailments, hundreds of protocols, DIY and diffuser recipes, an incredibly powerful emotional usage section (the best you've ever seen!), and a stunning science section that will make you an essential oil genius. 

Use Essential Oil Magic for traveling and on-the-go. Use ADVANCED Oil Magic to have answers to everything you can think of.

What's the return policy? There are no returns on books. We're of course happy to replace any damaged items (sometimes the postal service can be rough!). Please be sure your order is correct before checking out, as Oil Magic does not correct customer mistakes (it costs us money to process credit cards and to ship books back and forth, and our fulfillment warehouse begins working on your order right when you process it to get it to you as fast as possible!).

What if there's a problem with my order? Please email us at [email protected] with details about your order. If you received a damaged book, include clear photos of all damaged product so that we can promptly replace it!

Do you offer an affiliate program? We do not offer an open affiliate program. We have partnered with a select few social media influencers to make Oil Magic books the most widely used oil reference books available. If you would like to discuss partnership, please email us.

Are there any additional taxes and custom fees for international orders? Yes, it is possible to pay additional taxes and fees for international shipments. It is the customers' responsibility to be aware of any additional import fees/taxes associated with shipping.


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