Focus on Nurturing 3 Lives a Month through Enrollment & LRP

Wellness Advocate friends, it's our combined call to educate the world with essential oils. Below you'll find a beautifully simple lineup of trainings designed to help you achieve the lowest common denominator to success: Your Personal Enrolling Rhythm.

 Use these trainings to discover your own authentic way of nurturing new people every month through enrollment & LRP.


What's the most sustainable way to grow your dōTERRA impact?

Introducing Nurture 3 by Oil Magic.

Nurture 3 helps you focus on one small action you can do every single month to grow massive results in your business: Nurturing 3 new people a month through enrollment & LRP.

In the past people have felt that’s a lofty goal, but Nurture 3 gives you the resources you need to make it simple and doable. You’ll get access to the best book - ADVANCED Oil Magic - to enhance enrollments & LRP rates at TRUE WHOLESALE prices - just $15 a copy. You’ll get access to training that fits your personal style, and we’ll show you exactly how you can lean on our best-selling book and let it do the hard work for you in getting new enrollments and LRP.

Find Your Subscription Now
Find Your Subscription Now